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Since our temporary closure in March due to the pandemic, Speaking Rock has been diligently cleaning, disinfecting, and preparing our facility as we wait patiently for the right time to open back up for business. Restrictions around the city have been modified and some businesses around town have chosen to open up. We have seen that most have modified the way they provide their service and how they interact with customers with safety in mind.
After doing our own research, hiring professional consultants, as well as learning from other businesses, we too will have changes in the way our venue does business. Confident in the new safety protocols we are implementing, we have decided that we are ready to open!
We have made several changes in our disinfecting procedures and have prepared new protocols to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for our guests as well as employees. This includes using a safe and efficient way of rapidly and frequently disinfecting our facility by using an electrostatic sprayer that atomizes an eco-friendly disinfectant. This method distributes the disinfectant evenly and to a larger surface area as opposed to a standard spray bottle or aerosol can.
Due to the nature of our business, operating safely in this uncertain environment is a complex process that involves new procedures, facility modifications, and extensive employee training which is always in progress. Below you will find a list of the new safety protocols we are implementing.
Please keep in mind the following rules and procedures are the safety of our guests as well as all our staff members. We know these new procedures and accommodations may be challenging at first but we’ve determined that, for now, this is the best way to deal with this environment that we are currently in while still safely operating our business.
As with everything, procedures and protocols will be constantly reviewed and modified to fit the safety needs of our guests and employees, but no matter what, our disinfecting protocols will always be a constant part of our cleaning procedures from here on out, even after this pandemic has subsided. To ensure we continue to follow social distancing standards, we are limiting our occupancy capacity. Certain sections of the building will be temporarily closed off. Our bars and food court will be open but for now the bars will order and pick up only.
All employees and guests will be required to wear a mask or face cover to enter Speaking Rock and will be required to keep it on while inside the building, no exceptions. Unfortunately, if you have a condition that prevents you from wearing a mask or face cover at all times you will not be allowed to enter. We have disposable masks on hand to issue out if you do not have one, but we encourage everyone to bring their own mask or face covers in the event our supply runs out. Please note, masks, face covers, or head covers with an offensive or intimidating nature will not be allowed.
As an added precaution we will also be taking guests’ and employees’ temperatures with an infrared thermometer prior to entering the building. Any guest or employee who has a fever will not be allowed to enter the property.
The majority of our facility will be Non-smoking to guests as well as employees. People who wish to smoke may do so at our designated smoking areas.
Everyone will be required to adhere to the (6) six foot distance rule between people at all times. This will also apply and be enforced even if you are accompanied by friends or family.
Good hygiene is important in the fight of infectious diseases. Sanitizer stations are placed in several locations throughout the property for your convenience. Please use them.
Seating inside and outside the building are placed at certain distances and in designated spots. They are not allowed to be moved. Please do not take unoccupied chairs and move them around.
Signs will be posted throughout the facility to remind everyone of best practices for minimizing the spread of viruses. We at Speaking Rock feel confident that these procedures, including trained staff to continuously monitor guest activities and practice rigorous sanitation standards, help in the safety of our guests and employees while still maintaining an entertaining atmosphere.
In the meantime please continue with social distancing practices and good hygiene. Together we can still recover our economy’s health as
well as minimize the risks of contracting harmful viruses.